Michael Spirito, DVM


Dr. Spirito spent two years working with a veterinarian on the Maryland Race track circuit whose primary interest was lameness. After that, he attended veterinary school in Torino, Italy, and graduated in 1980. While there, he spent a lot of time at the racetracks looking at lame horses. He returned to the United States and spent a year at the New Jersey Equine Clinic before joining Hagyard in 1982. His primary interests are juvenile orthopedics, sales and pre-purchase work and soft tissue surgery involving the broodmare. Dr. Spirito has a special interest in lameness and conformation and has dedicated his career to these areas.


DVM University of Turn


DVM Kentucky


American Veterinary Medicine Association, Kentucky Veterinary Medicine Association, Kentucky Association of Equine Practitioners, Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Manager’s Club, American Association of Equine Practitioners

Michael Spirito, DVM