Trusted Since 1876

As the oldest and largest private equine veterinary practice in the world, our team understands that trust is paramount in ensuring the success of our patients. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care to the equine industry. In addition to providing exceptional patient care, we are deeply invested in educating the next generation of equine veterinarians, advancing research efforts and actively engaging with our community through partnerships and philanthropic endeavors.

At the Greentree Farms, Dr. Hagyard prepares a colt for an anesthetizing shot before operating on its eyelid.

Our History

In 1875, Dr. E. T. Hagyard traveled to Kentucky to treat a Shorthorn Bull named the “Eighth Duke of Geneva.” A year later, he returned to Central Kentucky to practice large animal veterinary medicine and opened Hagyard and Sons Veterinary Hospital on East Short Street in 1891. In 1951, after more than 50 years in successful practice and realizing the need to have comprehensive practice, Dr. Charlie Hagyard partnered with Dr. Arthur Davidson & Dr. William McGee and adopted the name Hagyard, Davidson, McGee Associates. In 2004, the name Hagyard Equine Medical Institute was utilized to develop our dedication to educational principles as well as the Davidson Surgery Center, and McGee Medical and Fertility Center to highlight the achievements of our founders and the veterinarians who have followed after them.

What We Offer

Hagyard’s deep and diverse team of equine veterinarians and specialists provide innovative, full-service care for all types of horses. Several of our veterinarians are breeders, owners, riders and participants in various equine disciplines throughout the industry. Because of this experience, our team has an additional understanding of the importance of the emotional care of the horse.