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At Hagyard we believe a horse’s eyes are the window to their soul. Because of this, our board-certified equine ophthalmologist, Dr. Stephanie Bell, works to preserve or return vision, comfort and ocular integrity in her patients. We consider our ophthalmology team to be elite and are fortunate to have one of the few ophthalmologists in the country who specializes solely in equine practice.

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Aside from routine ocular screening, our ophthalmology team is available for specialized medical and surgical care for a variety of equine ocular conditions including:

Conditions – Infections of the cornea including ulcers and stromal abscesses, ocular trauma, eyelid disorders, immune mediated conditions including uveitis and keratitis, corpora nigra cysts, compromised vision, glaucoma, periocular neoplasia including sarcoids, etc.

Diagnostics – Slit lamp biomicroscopy, binocular fundic examination, tonometry, cytology, culture, ultrasound, biopsy, electroretinography, streak retinoscopy, advanced imaging, etc.

Treatments & Procedures – Subpalpebral lavage placement, corneal surgeries (corneal collagen cross-linking, grafting, transplants, diamond burr keratotomy, keratectomy, reconstructive procedures), cataract surgery, cyclosporine implants, eyelid surgery, immunotherapy, intrastromal and intravitreal injections, laser cyclophotocoagulation, and photodynamic therapy, etc.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment for routine ocular screening or learning more about our specialized ophthalmic care, please contact (859) 255-8741.