Based in the heart of the world's greatest Thoroughbred breeding farms, this division of Hagyard has grown to include three reproductive specialists (members of the American College of Theriogenologists) in equine fertility. Both technology and expertise are devoted to the care of mares and stallions in an effort to maximize the production of healthy foals. Services include reproductive evaluations for infertility, pre-breeding or pre-purchase as well as assisted reproductive techniques for our non-thoroughbred clients.

Few equine veterinary practices know the horse breeding industry as well as Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. With the large numbers of commercial and private breeding farms in the immediate area, healthy foal production has become not only a personal endeavor, but a multi-million-dollar agricultural enterprise involving thousands of horses each year. In an effort to meet the needs of this evolving industry, Hagyard developed a referral facility to provide more in-depth diagnostics for mares and stallions as well as provide assisted reproductive services - a center totally devoted to fertility.

The goal is to work with the referring veterinarian to develop a feasible plan of action for a particular client and patient, indentifying a problem and finding a solution amicable to all.

In addition to examinations for routine breeding soundness and infertility, our specialists are experienced and equipped to successfully manage all the steps in the assisted breeding process.  From preparing your mare for artificial insemination with fresh, cooled, and/or frozen semen; to collecting the stallion, packaging the semen for cooled shipment or freezing (A qualified Select Breeders Services Affiliate lab); then timing the artificial insemination – utilizing low dose or deep horn insemination techniques if required. Our theriogenologists can assist you all the way to the ultrasound diagnosis of a pregnancy.

Despite the challenges of barren mares and frustrations with sub-fertile stallions, the professionals at the McGee Fertility Center remain enthusiastically dedicated to the mission of improving fertility in their equine patients - and seeing that healthy newborn foal trot off beside its dam.

In fact, the needs of our clients for fertility care have guided us in developing this unique level of professional expertise.

Our Facility

The facility at the McGee Fertility Center provides a state-of-the-art equipment and laboratory, an 8 stall barn, a breeding shed equipped with a mechanized phantom mount and a procedures area designed with the mare and foal in mind.

Programs & Services

Mare Reproductive Services
Stallion Reproductive Services

Commonly Asked Questions

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Educational Information

Management of Twins

Embryo Transfer

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Dr. Karen Wolfsdorf of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute shows horse owners how to examine a placenta, a crucial step in managing foaling mares.

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Our Specialists

Kristina Lu VMD, Dipl. ACT
Karen Von Dollen DVM, Dipl. ACT
Karen E. Wolfsdorf DVM, Dipl. ACT
Walter Zent DVM, Dipl. ACT (honorary)

For information on additional services and individual needs please contact the fertility department at 859-255-8741.