When hard work, training and experience come together in the world of a performance horse, the result is success. When they come together in equine veterinary medicine, the result is the Hagyard Sport Horse Program.


Hagyard Sport Horse Program’s team-based whole-horse approach takes advantage of in-house specialists, including sport horse veterinarians, acupuncturists, chiropractors and podiatrists, to provide the same level of excellent care to show horse athletes that we have long provided the racing and breeding industries. Made up of dedicated practitioners who grew up in the world of equestrian sport, our Sport Horse doctors understand the demands that each discipline places on the equine athlete.

Darragh Kenny and Babalou 41

From designing and implementing vaccination and deworming schedules customized for each of your horses to working with you on long-term health and performance goals, Hagyard’s Sport Horse veterinarians will work with you in whatever capacity you choose.

As a Hagyard client, your horse can benefit from a wide array of therapies and modalities, including state-of-the-art imaging such as nuclear scintigraphy and a 1.5 Tesla MRI and the latest in regenerative medicine. We will come to you or you can trailer in to the Hagyard Sport Horse facility, which includes a covered ring for lameness exams, day stalls, a climate-controlled procedures room and a podiatry center.

Whether you are competing at training level or grand prix, we pledge to bring you exactly what you demand from your horse and yourself: Excellence ... because Hagyard cares.


To schedule an appointment with a Hagyard Sport Horse veterinarian, please contact us at (859) 255-8741.

The objective is to perform a risk assessment examination for the buyer in relation to the general health and athletic soundness of the horse for sale. The examination will help to ascertain any pre-existing problem or any potential problem that may affect future ability of the horse to excel in the desired discipline. The exam addresses concerns seen at that specific moment in time. This examination covers an extensive physical that assesses numerous body systems with additional focus on the musculoskeletal system with hoof testers, palpation, flexion tests, movement evaluation on different surfaces and frequently ridden evaluation. Additional diagnostic procedures including radiography, ultrasonography, upper airway endoscopy, nuclear scintigraphy and MRI are available at the buyer’s option. Medication testing, blood chemistry and other requested laboratory work can be provided.

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