Recommendations for Stall and Trailer Disinfecting


1) Always wear appropriate personal protection gear (i.e. gloves, goggles).

2) Strip stall or trailer.

3) Apply 999® to walls and floor spraying from top bottom. Let sit for 10 minutes
− 999® is a surface cleaner that will remove organic debris (i.e. manure, mucus) from walls and
− Apply using a Hillyard sprayer with a blue tip or 6 oz per gallon dilution (16:1)

4) Scrub thoroughly.

5) Rinse and let area dry (Ideally).

6) Apply Tektrol® OR Rescue® to walls and floor spraying from top to bottom. Consult your
veterinarian to determine which disinfectant is most effective for your environment.
− Tektrol ® is a phenol disinfectant.
− Apply Tektrol® using a Hillyard Sprayer with a pink tip or 1/2oz per gallon dilution (256:1)
-- Rescue® is a hydrogen peroxide based disinfectant.
− Apply Rescue® using a Foam Gun with green tip or 5 oz per gallon dilution.

7) Scrub thoroughly.

8) Let sit for 10 minutes.

9) If using Tektrol®, rinse. If using Rescue®, you do not need to rinse (except water buckets and feed tubs).

Note: 1-2 times a year it is important to use Bio-Gel, an acidic cleaner, to remove hard water scale and
mineral deposits. Apply using a Hillyard Sprayer with a blue tip or 6oz per gallon dilution (20:1). Follow the
steps above replacing 999®
-- Let sit for 10 minutes, scrub, rinse, when dry
apply Tektrol® or Rescue ® and do not rinse.

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