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Hagyard Equine Medical Institute offers three of the finest educational programs in the world. Externship opportunities provide a group practice experience for students through exposure to a wide array of high quality equine veterinary medical services. Internship opportunities provide a learning environment for first year veterinarians to sharpen their diagnostic, therapeutic, reproductive management, and decision-making skills. Fellowship opportunities primarily involve working at the McGee Medicine Center focusing on the many challenging aspects of internal medicine. Please see the links located at the right for further information about each program.


The Hagyard Equine Medical Institute internship program aids first year veterinarians by sharpening their diagnostic, therapeutic, reproductive management, and decision-making skills, and teaching them to communicate with and manage clients.
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The Hagyard Equine Medical Institute externship program provides students the opportunity to gain “real-world” experience in a group practice dedicated to caring for some of the most valued equine patients in the world.
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Hagyard Equine Medical Institute's fellowship programs primarily involves working at the McGee Medicine Center under the direct supervision of ACVIM board-certified internists.
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Undergraduate Opportunities

In an effort to build lifelong relationships and cover operational needs during the breeding season, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has three undergraduate opportunities designed to provide a learning environment in which undergraduate students can expand their general knowledge of equine veterinary medicine.
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Want to know what it's like to be an equine veterinarian?

In this day-in-the-life-of video, ride along with Hagyard's Dr. Jessica Thornton as she travels to different farms in the Lexington, Kentucky, area in order to provide care to her equine patients. You’ll see the beautiful countryside where she works and then go behind the scenes and watch her as she performs wellness exams, draws blood and cares for sick and injured patients.

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