Infectious Disease Alert

From: Nathan Slovis DVM, Dipl ACVIM, Infectious Disease Officer

Potomac Horse Fever

We have diagnosed our first case of Potomac Horse Fever in a broodmare from Bourbon County.

Confirmed Potomac Horse Fever on whole blood and fecal PCR from Hagyard PCR Laboratory.

Chief Complaint: Found colicky in the pasture, fever, muscle fasciculations and sweating. Initial blood work revealed a low white blood cell count and dehydration. Ultrasound exam revealed marked fluid distention of the cecum.

This is the time of year when aquatic insects start to be noticeable in our horses’ environment. Read download this information sheets for insight on how to prevent and diagnose Potomac Horse Fever.

Please review this study that our McGee Medicine Center’s Internal Medicine Department conducted looking into the variable clinical signs of this unique disease.

If you have concerns about Potomac Horse Fever and your horses, please call us at (859) 255-8741.