Hagyard Pharmacy Purchases Resolve from Equine Safety Zone

11/20/2018 – Hagyard Pharmacy announced that it has purchased the popular equine skin product, RESOLVE, adding another proven product to its inventory. Previously owned by Equine Safety Zone based in Dallas, Georgia, RESOLVE is marketed as the strongest and safest product available for bacterial and fungal equine skin disorders. The sale of the product was a timely and positive step for both Hagyard and Equine Safety Zone.

“We’ve been at this for a long time,” said Kathy Anderson, owner of Equine Safety Zone. “We felt like it was time to prioritize some other things in our life. That said, RESOLVE is our passion and our legacy. So we wanted to see it go to a company that could build on our success.”

Hagyard Pharmacy and its connection to the 140+ year old Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, made it a natural choice.

“Hagyard is a known and trusted name in the industry,” Anderson added. “Their reputation for putting the care of the horse first definitely aligned with our philosophy, so we reached out to them.”

Hagyard was very receptive because of the reputation of the RESOLVE product and the current direction of the Pharmacy.

“RESOLVE has a strong and loyal base of customers. That speaks volumes about the quality of the product,” said Ernie Martinez, DVM of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute. “It also aligns with our vision to methodically add innovative, quality products to our current line of Hagyard-owned products in addition to the other name brands we provide.”

In addition to RESOLVE, Hagyard Pharmacy also owns the Resolvet line of horse care products that is inspired by listening to owners, trainers and riders who expressed concerns over existing products on the market. RESOLVE fits that mold.

“Kathy’s history and the creation of Equine Safety Zone’s featured product is a remarkable story,” Martinez said. “We’re thrilled to be the next chapter, and we’re committed to building on her legacy.”

Nicole Tomlinson, Marketing Manager
Hagyard Pharmacy