Day Shift. Hours and schedules are variable; weekends required. Overtime as directed.

Seasonal, fulltime, position starting January 2022 through June 2022.

Skills/Responsibilities Required:

The primary role and duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Maintain appropriate stock of medical supplies in work vehicle.

• Maintain accurate patient charts, document observations, and properly interpret veterinary instructions.

• Set up for basic procedures.

• Assist veterinarians with procedures as directed.

• Able to read and work/type on a computer while in a moving vehicle.

• Maintain clean workspace, including, but not limited to: vacuuming and cleaning vehicle interior and veterinary equipment.

• Other projects and responsibilities as assigned.

• Assists others as needed.

• Special projects and additional duties as directed by the supervisor(s), veterinarian(s) or a member of management.

• Assist with scheduling appointments and coordinating joint appointments with referring veterinarians.

• Assist with client communication.


• Excellent horse handling skills

• Excellent time management skills

• Legible handwriting

• Ability to lift 75 -100 lbs.

• Ability to restrain up to 1,200 lbs

• Equine experience

• Good computer skills including Microsoft Word and Excel

• Excellent communicator

• A valid driver’s license

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