Schedule:  Monday – Friday, 7am – 3pm, Overtime as directed.

Skills/Responsibilities RequiredThe primary role and duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

Patient Admissions/Procedures Area:

  • Prepares and sets up necessary equipment and supplies in advance for emergency and non-emergency procedures.
  • Organizes and coordinates for outpatient services for ophthalmology and medicine doctors.
  • Oversees equipment maintenance to include endoscopes, ultrasound machines, CRI pumps, ophthalmology, and radiology equipment located in the medicine department.
  • Greets and assist clients with inpatient and outpatient admissions including unloading and loading of horse onto trailer.
  • Assists doctor(s) and medicine staff during inpatient and outpatient admission procedures which includes horse handling, and radiographs.

Exam Room Responsibilities:

  • Prepares procedures area for scheduled appointments.
  • Maintain cleanliness and properly disinfects procedures area including outpatient and knock down stalls.
  • Sterilize equipment to include re-usable tubing/supplies daily and prep containers weekly.
  • Assists with Cold Sterilization (Cidex®).
  • Ensures adequate stock of procedures area and procedure room carts daily.


  • Maintains proper working function and cleanliness of equipment within medicine facility.
  • Maintains service log and service contracts on medicine facility equipment.
  • Prepares equipment for repairs to include obtaining authorization for repair(s), preparing purchase orders, packaging, shipping, and obtaining replacement equipment if indicated.

Infectious Disease Control/Surveillance (IDC)

  • Refill NDC® and Rescue® bottles throughout facility.
  • Assist with cleaning and maintaining ICU and Isolation barn boot cabinets.
  • Update Safety Data Sheets and inform staff of any significant updates.
  • Maintain appropriate labeling of cleaning/sterilizing containers.
  • Sterilize fluid ropes and hospital accessory equipment as indicated by patient location/status.

Miscellaneous including Blood Donor Herd

  • Manage herd health of Hagyard blood donor herd to include annual blood testing, i.e., Coggins, vaccinations, deworming, podiatry care, etc.
  • Coordinate and administer any/all necessary medical care to donor herd.
  • Ensure all stalls have appropriate fluid lines and stall tools (feed buckets, grooming tools, etc.)


  • Ability to lift 75 -100 lbs and restrain up to 1,200 lbs
  • Equine experience (including handling mare & foals) required.
  • General computer & Microsoft Office Programs knowledge a must.
  • Excellent communicator.

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