Equine Rescue Equipment

    Liftex - Sling
    Häst, PSC - Exclusive Distributor of the Complete "Becker Sling"
    Rescue Glides - Web site for ordering the rescue glide
    "Save Your Horse" Book - Website and Book for large animal rescue
    Custom Web Slings - New Haven Moving Equipment
    Rescue Rope and Hardware - CMC Rescue Equipment
    Protective Clothing - Cascade Fire Equipment
    Water Rescue and Other Rescue Equipment - The Rescue Source
    Hooks, Shackles, etc. - McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply Company
    Protective Clothing and Rescue Equipment - Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
    Water-based Lubricant (OB Lube) – Hagyard Pharmacy
    Rescue Rope and Hardware - Karst Sports
    QuikClot - Acute blood loss treatment
    Ratchets, Straps, and Hooks - Visit your local farm equipment or towing center
    Rescue Rope and Hardware - PMI-Petzl Distribution, Inc.
    Kimzey Splint - Kimzey Veterinary Products
    Safety Personal Protective Equipment - Lakeland Industries, Inc.
    Anderson Sling - Care for Disabled Animals Products
    Public Safety Clothing and Equipment - Galls, Inc.
    Large Animal Slings
    Portable Fencing - Polygrid Ranch Fence
    Boat Hooks, etc. - Westpoint Marina, Inc.
    Rescue Rope and Hardware - Rock-n-Rescue, Inc.
    First Aid Gear Bag - Perfect World Luggage
    TLAER.org – Nikopolous Needle
                       Air Mud Lance
                       Water Mud Lance
                       Strop Guide
                       Spread bar
                       Large Animal A-Frame