Equine Reproduction

Since our founding in 1876, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has become one of the most knowledgeable, technologically advanced, and cutting-edge Equine Reproduction Centers in the world. We employ a team of over 50 skilled veterinarians and equine specialists to provide a comprehensive list of services for your equine's health needs.

McGee Fertility Center
Very few Equine Veterinary Practices have as much experience with the horse breeding industry as Hagyard. The McGee Fertility Center is a center totally devoted to equine fertility and employs three full time equine reproductive specialists. With large numbers of commercial and private breeding farms in the nearby area, Hagyard's strategic placement in Kentucky's heartland ensures we meet the needs of this multi-million-dollar agricultural industry.
The McGee Fertility Center's facility includes an advanced state-of-the-art reproduction laboratory, an 8 stall barn, a breeding shed with a mechanized phantom mount, and a custom-designed procedures area. In addition, the fertility unit offers a frozen semen storage center for on-site use and worldwide semen distribution in affiliation with Select Breeders Services, as well as an approved quarantine facility for housing, processing, and freezing semen for export.

Despite the steep challenges involving barren mares and sub-fertile stallions, the world-class specialists at McGee Fertility Center are dedicated to improving fertility in all their equine patients. Seeing a healthy newborn foal trot off beside its dam makes it all worth it for us and makes us proud.

About Hagyard Equine Medical Institute
Ever since Dr. E.T. Hagyard founded Hagyard Equine Medical Institute and equine hospital in 1876, Hagyard has been at the forefront of equine medicine. Our diverse equine clientele includes international breeding operations, world-renowned racehorses and 3-day eventers and pleasure horses. Owners from all over the world come to Hagyard because we're dedicated to the most advanced treatments and surgeries to increase the wellbeing of the horse.

Hagyard employs more than 50 veterinarians at its equine hospital who are at the top of their field, along with an experienced support personnel staff. No other single non-university veterinary group in the equine world is able to match Hagyard's qualifications. Our team exhibits expertise in a wide variety of specialties and interests, allowing Hagyard to routinely achieve superior results.
Our numerous, advanced,and comprehensive facilities include an Equine MRI, Podiatry Center, Fertility Center, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, and Surgery Center. We also have numerous Hagyard Field Care Teams on standby, ready to provide highly personalized and experienced client service to area horse farms, sales, races, rodeos and more.

Campus tours are provided year-round so you can see our facilities for yourself. Contact Hagyard Equine Medical Institute today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you and your equine!

Hagyard Equine Medical Insitute

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Equine Reproduction